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Spools and accessories compatible with fishing reel Akami Fury SC

  • Type 1: 0.10/300m-0.12/250m-0.14/230m
  • Type 2: 0.14/300m-0.16/250m-0.18/220m
  • Type 3: 0.16/300m-0.18/250m-0.20/200m
  • Type 4: 0.18/300m-0.20/250m-0.23/200m
  • Type 5: 0.26/350m-0.30/300m-0.35/250m
  • CARBON(+4.95€)
  • DO NOT
  • YES (+4,95€)
€29.95 (tax incl.) €24.75 (tax excl.)

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Our Spare spools compatibles with Akami Fury SC


84 gr

3º (conical)


89 gr

3º (conical)


92 gr

3º (conical)


85 gr

3º (conical)


82 gr

0º (Straight)


66 gr

0º (Straight)


66 gr

0º (Straight)


91 gr

0º (Straight)

1000 Items

Long distance 200/250m.

  Original Brake Plug Compatible.

  Carbon brake and Ratchet.

 Great Variety of Compatibilities and Types.

   Great Variety of Colors.

 Tests in Competition.

   long diam.

  Easy Assembly.


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