Guiahilos Titanio SHIMANO
Guiahilos Titanio SHIMANO
Guiahilos Titanio SHIMANO Guiahilos Titanio SHIMANO
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Tread Guide made of authentic Grade V Titanium

Titanium is a transition metal of gray color, low density and great hardness. It is very resistant to corrosion by sea water, aqua regia and chlorine. It is used in metallic alloys as a substitute for aluminum for the manufacture of airplanes, missiles, space capsules, as a substitute for bone and cartilage in surgery, to manufacture pipes and desalination plants

Today the only thread guide made of Titanium. An indestructible material.

Our titanium yarn guide is characterized by being the only kit on the market made of TITANIUM (Ti6AL4V) without any type of alloys of other materials such as stainless steel or similar, which translates into an increase in wear resistance and a weight of 3 times less than other types of Thread guides.

0,6 Gr

 (Example Reels):

Aerlex xsb
Aerotechnium xtc
Aerotechnium xsb
Bull's eye
Ultegra xsc
Ultegra xsb
Ultegra xtb
Ultegra ci4 xsa
Ultegra xsd
Ultegra xse
Ultegra xte
Spin joy 35
Surf leader

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