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Communication to Buyers - Mv Spools

Important Information for Our Buyers

Congratulations on your recent purchase at Mv Spools! You have acquired a high-competition fishing item designed to provide you with an unprecedented experience. At Mv Spools, we lead in innovation and continuous improvement in the field of Surfcasting and Carpfishing. We invite you to spend a few minutes reading the owner's manual to ensure optimal use and to extend the lifespan of your product.

Basic Maintenance Tips

Although our equipment is state-of-the-art, basic maintenance is essential. Keep in mind that our products are specifically designed for Surfcasting and Carpfishing. To ensure maximum performance and durability of your Mv Spools reels, it is vital to follow our maintenance recommendations:

  • Regularly check the operation of your reel/spool and make sure that the brake is in perfect condition.
  • Use the appropriate type of line according to the specifications of each model and avoid the use of braided lines to prevent deformations in the spool.
  • Avoid overloading the spool with more line than recommended, as this could negatively affect your fishing experience.
  • Select quality monofilaments and check their calibration.
  • Do not excessively tension the line when winding it onto the spool.
  • Store your equipment in cool, dry places, away from direct heat sources.
  • For the proper functioning of the brake caps, it is crucial to ensure they are correctly positioned on the axle before starting to turn. A useful trick is to slightly rotate them counterclockwise until you feel them fall into place, and then proceed with the normal rotation. This care prevents damage to the threads of both the cap and the axle, ensuring greater durability and functionality of your equipment.

Post-Fishing Maintenance

After each fishing session, especially in marine environments, it is crucial to perform basic cleaning to remove residues. We recommend cleaning the spools with a soft cloth and, if necessary, using fresh water without completely submerging the equipment. To avoid strain and fatigue of the material, we advise you to remove the line from the spool after each use.


It is important to remember that the Mv Spools warranty does not cover damages resulting from improper use of the product. Your attention and care towards the equipment will ensure its performance and longevity.