Reel Main Shaft Assembly fits Shimano
Reel Main Shaft Assembly fits Shimano

Reel Main Shaft Assembly fits Shimano

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Reel Main Shaft Assembly fits Shimano


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Data sheet

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Installation Instructions

Fishing Reel Spindle Replacement

Instructions for Fishing Reel Spindle Replacement

When replacing the spindle of your fishing reel, it is essential to follow these steps for optimal assembly:

  1. Preparation: Ensure you have all necessary tools at hand, including M2.5 screws and a suitable cleaner for adhesive residues.
  2. Thread Cleaning: Before installing the new spindle, thoroughly clean the threads of the M2.5 screws. Use a specific cleaner to remove any dry adhesive residue.
  3. Spindle Installation: Once the threads are clean, proceed with the installation of the new spindle, ensuring the screws fit correctly and are tightly secured.

Following these steps will not only facilitate the installation of the new spindle but also ensure the maximum effectiveness and safety of your fishing reel.


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