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Shimano Fishing Reel Handles

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Exclusive Design Handle for SHIMANO Reels - Advanced Design and Cutting-Edge Materials

Exclusive Design Handle for SHIMANO Reels

Exclusive design handle precision machined in CNC, compatible with most Shimano reels. Elevate your fishing experience with our latest generation handle, specifically designed for style, comfort, and performance fusion.

Cutting-Edge Materials

Made of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum and enhanced with carbon fiber details, our handle offers a lightweight yet extremely durable structure.

Advanced Design

Our handle has been meticulously studied to provide unparalleled comfort, minimizing fatigue during prolonged use. Enhanced traction ensures a more efficient and enjoyable fishing experience.

Universal Compatibility

Our handle is compatible with a wide range of reels, allowing for an effortless upgrade to your existing equipment. The installation is intuitive and doesn't require specialized tools, enabling quick and easy improvement.

Exclusive Personalization

Available in colors such as intense red, deep black, navy and sky blue, and classic silver, our handle offers a palette that suits your personal style and equipment's aesthetics.

Enhance Your Performance

Beyond its visual appeal, our handle is designed to boost your fishing performance. The precision in design and material quality translates to better responsiveness and control in every retrieval.

Discover the difference a quality handle can make on your fishing reel, elevating the overall efficiency of the reel.


Examples of compatible reels:

Aero technium MGS XTD

Aero Technium MGS XTB

Aero Technium MGS XSD

Aero technium MGS XSB

Aero Technium MGS XSC

Fliegen SD

Ultegra XR 14000 XTD

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